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Aniki // Ryuhei Matsuda/Shota Matsuda // PG-15/(light) R [Jun. 6th, 2007|12:47 am]
Asian Drama Fan Fiction


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Title: Aniki
Author: Neko-chan
Pairing: Ryuhei Matsuda (松田 龍平)/Shota Matsuda (松田翔太) [actors - brothers]
Rating: PG-15/(light) R
Summary: A big brother's duty is to always look out for his younger brother. A brother loves--but there are so many shades to love, aren't here?
Author's Note: This sprung about because of 46 okunen no Koi. You have ghei!Ryuhei in the movie once again. What could be better? :D? And, me being me... :x Well. Ryuhei looked very nice, indeed, for the movie. Shota is very pretty, too. *pets him* Therefore! Someone needed to write them in a fic. (Yes, I'm going to hell. >D)
--- For ofghosts because, when asked if she would read the fic if I wrote it, she responded with: "Well yes. XD" ♥
Warning: Ryuhei Matsuda. Shota Matsuda. Brothers. First time attempting this pairing and a different type of series of vignettes-style, so... probably a little awkward, choppy, and short. XD;