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dorama_fic's Journal

Asian Drama Fan Fiction
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Hello and welcome to dorama_fic, an LJ community for writers who aren't yet ready to let go of their favorite dramas and movies. The community's focus is on any and all Asian dramas and movies: Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, Thai, Hong Kong, etc etc etc, it doesn't matter. Anything goes, as long as it's from Asia!

The stories that are allowed are for any genre, any pairing (whether it be homo- or heterosexual-focused), any rating (but please remember to cite the rating within the story information!!), and so on. Stories can be about the actors within these dramas or movies, or the characters that star in them. Encouraged story formats are the following:

Series: (if this applies)
Pairing: (if any; if there is no pairing, then please mention who the story focuses on)
Chapter: ??/?? (if this applies)
Additional Notes: (again, if this applies)
Warning: (if needed)

** LJ-cut or link to the story **

IMPORTANT: In addition, please also use the tag system. List off the RATING, the PAIRING (or the ACTORS OR CHARACTERS that the story focuses on), and whether the story is about the ACTOR element of the drama or the CHARACTER. This makes it easier for readers to search for stories that they'd be interested in reading. For names, please put the first name first and then follow it by the surname An example of this: Ryuhei Matsuda (Ryuhei is the first name, Matsuda is the surname/last name).

The rules are typical here, as for any other community.

1. Respect the moderators.
2. Respect the writers.
3. Respectful, constructive criticism is always welcome. HOWEVER, flaming/trolling is not!
4. Flaming and/or trolling results in an automatic ban. People work hard on their stories--readers and other authors should give those writers advice to improve, not completely destroy a person's self-esteem. There's a difference.
5. No spamming. No advertisements. No promotions. No off-topic posts. This is a community for fanfiction. Nothing more.
6. No plagiarism is allowed. If I find out that you've taken someone else's work and claimed it as your own, you'll get an automatic ban.
7. Have fun, enjoy what you write, share the drama love. ♥

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